Clemson English Lecturers Make $20K Less Than Peers

January 17, 2020

Clemson University’s full-time lecturers in English earn $20,000 less than the national average and their colleagues universitywide, according to an investigation by the Greenville News. One lecturer of English at Clemson interviewed for the article makes $34,000, whereas Clemson lecturers across disciplines make about $55,000, on average. The higher figure is much more in line with average lecturer pay as reported by the American Association of University Professors. One Clemson lecturer in English, Will Cunningham, who was hired on a $34,000 annual salary in 2018, told the Greenville News, "I would just say that the work that we do has dignity. And the wage does not match that dignity … We're not paid a dignified wage." The university is reportedly working to raise lecturers’ pay as part of an ongoing process.

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