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Nearly All Counseling Centers Went Virtual During Pandemic

March 11, 2021

Ninety-nine percent of college counseling centers successfully offer virtual mental health services to students via telehealth, according to a blog post published Tuesday by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Pennsylvania State University.

Only 1 percent of the 570 centers surveyed by CCMH between August and October were unable to provide the telehealth services, “due to technology limitations, training needs, or legal constraints,” the center said in the post, which is the final installment in a five-part blog series about how the coronavirus pandemic impacted students and counseling centers. The centers that did transition to telehealth faced a number of challenges doing so, including difficulties helping at-risk students and managing budget cuts, the post said.

“Common issues cited included balancing childcare needs, staff burnout, reduction in workplace comradery and support, and general emotional distress,” the post said. “Counseling center staff are tasked with balancing personal stressors while also providing care for large caseloads of clients, including many posing serious safety risks.”

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Greta Anderson

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