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Former U of Louisville Coach Charged With Extortion

May 20, 2021

Dan Gaudio, a former assistant coach for the University of Louisville men’s basketball team, was charged with extortion Tuesday by federal officials, who said Gaudio threatened to report alleged National Collegiate Athletic Association violations by the team if the university did not pay him his salary for an additional 17 months, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

Gaudio’s contract with the Cardinals, which expired at the end of April, was not renewed -- a decision that Gaudio’s lawyer said shocked Gaudio and caused his “lapse in judgement,” according to the Courier-Journal. The Courier-Journal and The New York Times reported that Gaudio is not expected to contest the charge, due to the type of filing by federal officials. He was charged with a single count of interstate communication with intent to extort, which has a maximum prison sentence of two years, the Times reported.

Gaudio threatened to release a recruiting video that he said was produced in violation of NCAA rules and to report to the media the university’s alleged “impermissible use of graduate managers in practices and workouts,” said a university statement provided to the Courier-Journal. The university said it could not comment on the alleged violations “due to the ongoing federal investigation and the NCAA process,” but said it “continues to cooperate with authorities as well as with the NCAA on the matter,” according to the Courier-Journal.

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