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Reese’s, the popular peanut butter and chocolate candy, announced Wednesday it is launching a university, which will accept 99.99 percent of applicants.

Home of the Fighting Cuppies, the university is located in Round Ridge, Pa., and boasts the “No. 1 Confection-Based College Sports Program.” A press release said, “Our lawyers want you to know Reese’s University is not a real University.” But rolling admissions started Thursday, and people have already applied and taken to Twitter to proudly display their acceptance letters. The university’s website includes parody posts about a peanut butter pool opening and descriptions of courses on offer, including Advanced Peanut Butter Ratios and Introduction to Cup Structures.

“Life is too short for regrets or inferior candy,” said Patricia Brown, dean of students at Reese’s University. “Reese’s U is the embodiment of this spirit. The Fighting Cuppies are a community of well-rounded individuals that are committed to RU’s core values of integrity, chocolate and peanut butter.”