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Princeton Reduces Information It Releases on Admissions

December 17, 2021

It’s that time of year, when leading colleges boast about their early decision admits.

But Princeton University is not releasing information it previously provided.

“The Office of Admission considers each student holistically within the context of their setting to build a dynamic university community,” said a statement released by the university Thursday. “Given this, data points such as overall admission rates and average SAT scores shouldn’t influence a prospective student’s decision about whether to apply to Princeton. We know this information raises the anxiety level of prospective students and their families and, unfortunately, may discourage some prospective students from applying. For this reason, we have in recent years stopped reporting the annual admission rate, as well as the admission rate by SAT score range and average GPA. We have now made the decision not to release admission data during the early action, regular decision and transfer admission cycles. Instead, we will publish an announcement later in 2022 that focuses on the enrolled students who will join Princeton as the Class of 2026.”

The university added, “We believe this decision will help us keep students central to our work and tamp down the anxiety of applicants.”

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