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Students Complain About Chinese Quarantine Rules

March 14, 2022

Students in China, which is currently facing several serious outbreaks of COVID-19, are complaining about quarantine rules, CNN reported.

At the Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University, students took to social media to plead for help. They said they had been left to fend for themselves after a cluster was detected on campus. In a widely shared post on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo, a user claiming to be a student at the university complained that infected students had been isolated in libraries and academic buildings, “all breaking down and crying.”

“Many students in my dormitory had fever, but counselors just gave us fever reducers and told us to sleep with a warm quilt,” the user wrote. “There is a serious shortage of daily necessities. Girls have no sanitary pads. Students are bleeding and hurting, crying and calling their families.”

Other postings said that students were in their dormitories and had found “their doors were sealed off and they can’t even go to the dormitory’s public toilet.”

CNN has reached out to the university through its official Weibo account for comment. The university’s official website, and any additional contact information, has been taken off-line as of Friday.

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