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Kansas Sets General Education Standards to Ease Transfers

June 21, 2022

The Kansas Board of Regents last week approved a measure that will standardize general education requirements to make it easier for students to transfer between state institutions.

The effort is the result of a nearly two-year overhaul of transfer credit policies, The Topeka-Capitol Journal reported, and will officially go into effect in fall 2024. Officials said the goal is to help students transfer while recognizing that not all learners will earn 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree from the same college. Certain majors and programs at state universities may be excluded from the general education requirements upon request and following a review.

Community colleges can also opt out upon request, and the framework does not apply to technical colleges, which focus on workforce development.

Students pursuing bachelor’s and associates degrees must take the following courses:

  • English (six credit hours)
  • Arts and humanities (six credit hours)
  • Social and behavioral sciences (six credit hours)
  • Natural and physical sciences (four to five credit hours, with a lab requirement)
  • Communication (three credit hours)
  • Math and statistics (three credit hours)

The Topeka-Capitol Journal reported that each institution will also have the flexibility to designate six credit hours of its own choosing on “societal issues, local needs and institutional priorities.”

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