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Survey: Half of Higher Ed Employees Would Consider New Job

August 4, 2022

A recent survey of 559 faculty and staff members by Grant Thornton, an accounting firm, found that nearly 60 percent of respondents feel their voice is not heard at work, that just 34 percent feel their institution understands their needs as an employee and that 49 percent would consider a new job if an opportunity came along. Some 41 percent say their institutional leadership understands campus culture and what it’s like to work at their institution. Thirty-seven percent say their pay allows them to live the lifestyle they choose, compared to 46 percent of respondents to a broader survey of workers across sectors.

The top three stressors for faculty and staff members are personal debt, medical issues and the “political and social environment,” Grant Thornton found, noting that “higher education employees rate today’s political and social environments at their institution as much more stressful than the average employee across all industries.” More than half of higher education employees surveyed also want expanded opportunities for hybrid work, preferring to go into the office fewer than four days within a two-week period. More on the survey is available here.

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