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A Utah State University student who sued the university for allegedly protecting football players and mishandling cases of sexual assault settled the suit for $500,000, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Kaytriauna Flint, who alleged that she was assaulted by a football player, filed the lawsuit against USU late last year, after a 2020 Department of Justice investigation found that the university failed to address multiple incidents of “severe sexual harassment, including rapes and other forcible sexual assaults.” Her suit alleged that the university did little to make the changes it promised the DOJ and that it maintained the same callous disregard for those who reported sexual assault.

Her lawsuit brought to light a damning recording of the USU police chief addressing members of the football team, in which he advised them to make sure their sexual encounters were consensual—especially with Latter-day Saint women, who might end up “feeling regret” and tell “their bishop, their priest, whatever you want to call it” that it was nonconsensual because it’s “easier” than admitting to premarital sex.

“There was a huge lack of urgency and structure and accountability when I was going through my process with Utah State,” Flint told the Tribune. “It just felt like they were never hearing me. Going into the lawsuit, I felt that was the only way they would hear me.”