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Boston College will ban the use of electronic transportation devices such as e-scooters and hoverboards on campus beginning Dec. 22, The Boston Globe reported.

Administrators cited concerns about the “health and personal safety of riders, pedestrians, and building occupants” in an email to the community announcing the ban.

“Many faculty, staff, and students have reported near-collisions and limited access to facilities because of scooters, and recharging lithium batteries in such vehicles has resulted in numerous fires around the United States,” the email read. “Additionally, a number of BC students have suffered injuries from e-scooter falls, and such accidents have caused serious injuries on college campuses across the country.”

E-scooters have raised alarm on campuses across the country for years, and other insitutions have blocked or limited their use. 

At BC, electric bikes are exempt from the ban, the email said, as long as riders follow traffic regulations, secure them on outdoor racks and avoid bringing them inside any campus facilities.

Students were advised to bring their e-vehicles home for good when they leave for winter break.

“Such items found on campus after December 22 will be impounded, and users will be subject to University sanctions,” the email said.