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DeSantis Proposes Limits on Higher Ed ‘Indoctrination’

January 31, 2023

Florida governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, said Tuesday that he would ban diversity, equity and inclusion programs in the state’s university system.

He also said that he would require “civics institutes” at the University of Florida, Florida International University and Florida State University. The institutes would develop courses and curricula “that can be used to educate the next generation on the values of liberty and constitutionalism.”

And he said he would change faculty hiring in a way that presidents would be “reestablishing their authority over the hiring process.”

The Tampa Bay Times reported that DeSantis’s aides distributed a copy of a flier that said the changes and others would promote “education not indoctrination.” He also proposed changes in standards and course content “to ensure higher education is rooted in the values of liberty and Western tradition.” His plan would require colleges to “prioritize graduating students with degrees that lead to high-wage jobs, not degrees designed to further a political agenda.”

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