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Alex Morey of FIRE

This week’s episode of the Syllabus podcast features a conversation with Alex Morey, director of campus rights advocacy at FIRE.

Neil Buchanan on Leaving Florida

This week’s episode of the Syllabus podcast features an interview with Neil Buchanan, an economist, legal scholar and professor.

Danielle Holley of Mount Holyoke College

This week’s episode features a conversation with Danielle Holley, president of Mount Holyoke College.

Jacques Berlinerblau on Protest and Learning

This week’s episode of the Syllabus podcast features a conversation with Jacques Berlinerblau, an MSNBC commentator and Georgetown University professor, about the impact of campus protests on student learning. 

Adam Lehman of Hillel International

This episode of The Syllabus features an interview with Adam Lehman, president and CEO of Hillel International, about the organization’s engagement with Palestinian students, serving Jewish students on the left and right, and more. 

A Professor Caught in the Middle on Israel-Hamas

Robert Vitalis, a political scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, both defends the Palestine Writes conference that has been characterized as antisemitic and insists that his friends on the left grapple with the crimes committed by Hamas.

David French on Liberty University's Moral Collapse

David French, a columnist for The New York Times, discusses the moral collapse at Liberty University and other Christian institutions...

A Faculty Activist on Why Presidents’ Views Matter

Evan Morris, a professor of radiology and biomedical imaging at Yale University, explains why campus leaders should make strong statements.