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Summers on the Ropes?

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Reports circulate that board members are considering whether Harvard needs a change at the top.

Summers Postmortem, Beyond Cambridge

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What does demise of his Harvard presidency suggest about academic leadership, faculty power and women in science?

The New Carnegie Classifications

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Foundation unveils different approach to grouping colleges -- but don't look for who is No. 1.

Revolt at Case Western

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Professors angry over growing deficits and "pervasive secrecy" will meet today to consider a motion of no confidence.

Case Western President Vows to Learn

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Arts and sciences professors vote "no confidence" by margin of 131 to 44.

Chicago's Next President Is Outsider-Insider

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One choice facing search committees for college presidencies is whether to go with an inside candidate (promoting a provost or vice president) or going outside to a top administrator at a comparable institution.

President Quits at Case Western

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Move follows mounting criticism from professors over deficits and management style.

Upping the Ante

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Penn will pay full costs for students with family incomes up to $50,000 -- possibly altering aid equation at top colleges.

Diversity Debate at Lehigh

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Low minority enrollments trigger series of protests and considerable campus discussion.

Fresh Approach to Accountability

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Major public universities consider a new system for measuring and comparing quality in undergraduate education.


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