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Upping the Ante

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Penn will pay full costs for students with family incomes up to $50,000 -- possibly altering aid equation at top colleges.

Diversity Debate at Lehigh

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Low minority enrollments trigger series of protests and considerable campus discussion.

Fresh Approach to Accountability

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Major public universities consider a new system for measuring and comparing quality in undergraduate education.

A Strike Falters

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UAW and grad student leaders vow to press on, but NYU isn't wavering, many TA's are back at work and undergraduate support has lessened.

Trading Research for Teaching

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Carl Wieman changed physics, and now his sights are set on science pedagogy.

Finishing the Ph.D.

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Yale will review graduate programs, with focus on years 2-4 as key to helping students complete dissertations.

Trying to Raise the Stakes at NYU

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New president of AAUP is arrested in protest to back TA union -- and seeks to have professors join "personal boycott."

Spaced Out

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Like many urban institutions, Columbia needs new facilities for science -- but legacy of 1968 reverberates when facing its Harlem neighbors.

Division at RPI

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President Shirley Ann Jackson -- a national leader on science -- angers professors and students and barely wins no confidence vote.

Bad Connection at U. of Michigan

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Did the university U. of Michigan dial the wrong number when it prematurely announced anti-fraud hotline?


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