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Case Western President Vows to Learn

Arts and sciences professors vote "no confidence" by margin of 131 to 44.

Chicago's Next President Is Outsider-Insider

One choice facing search committees for college presidencies is whether to go with an inside candidate (promoting a provost or vice president) or going outside to a top administrator at a comparable institution.

President Quits at Case Western

Move follows mounting criticism from professors over deficits and management style.

Upping the Ante

Penn will pay full costs for students with family incomes up to $50,000 -- possibly altering aid equation at top colleges.

Diversity Debate at Lehigh

Low minority enrollments trigger series of protests and considerable campus discussion.

Fresh Approach to Accountability

Major public universities consider a new system for measuring and comparing quality in undergraduate education.

A Strike Falters

UAW and grad student leaders vow to press on, but NYU isn't wavering, many TA's are back at work and undergraduate support has lessened.

Trading Research for Teaching

Carl Wieman changed physics, and now his sights are set on science pedagogy.

Finishing the Ph.D.

Yale will review graduate programs, with focus on years 2-4 as key to helping students complete dissertations.

Trying to Raise the Stakes at NYU

New president of AAUP is arrested in protest to back TA union -- and seeks to have professors join "personal boycott."


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