NASPA survey finds parental involvement isn't always a bad thing

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A study finds that, contrary to popular belief, significant parental involvement in students' college life isn't always a bad thing.

Fogy Facebook

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U. of Alabama unveiled two new networking Web sites -- and one is for parents.

Campuses of Ids

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College officials consider how to promote civility to students reared on "South Park," not Miss Manners.

Keeping Parents in the Loop

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Colleges increasingly offer programs that let parents stay in touch with what’s happening on their child’s campus.

What Top Applicants Want

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Students draw on a host of factors to make a college decision, and they might not be in the order you think.

Out of Control Admissions Hype

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This year's headlines aren't only deceptive, but they may be needlessly discouraging students, many experts say.

Poor Grades for Saving

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Parents have high hopes for their children earning scholarships -- and modest expectations for adding to college funds.

Wanna Go to College? Click Here

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Major ad campaign aims to give low-income, first-generation students more information on getting into and paying for college.

Data on Helicopter Parents

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Students walking across campus talking on their cells are probably chatting with Mom, survey finds.

Outside Help on the Way?

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With Rutgers planning to drop six "Olympic" sports teams from varsity status, lawmakers consider stepping in.


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