Professors Pay Students' Tuition

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Tuition usually goes helps to pay faculty salaries. But at California's Santa Ana College, some professors are paying their students' tuition.

For the Undocumented: To Admit or Not to Admit?

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Even after its rationale for barring illegal immigrants evaporates, North Carolina community college board keeps ban, while ordering study.

In Canada, a Bid to Retain Top Talent From Abroad

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Changes in immigration policies seek to attract and retain more foreign students, who are increasingly a hot commodity the world over.

In California, Uncertainty on Immigrant Student Tuition

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Appeals court finds that in extending lower resident tuition rates to undocumented students, state "thwarts" Congress's intent.

A Message to Prospective Undocumented Students

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Vassar College ponders whether to enact policy stating that illegal immigrants' applications will be considered just as all others.

Data on the Undocumented

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Colleges ask students' immigration status, but how and whether they verify legality varies -- as does whether they admit applicants known to be in the U.S. illegally.

Dare to DREAM... in 2009?

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A College Board report draws attention to the limited options of undocumented students and advocates for passage of DREAM Act. Will this be the year?

Success Obscured by Controversy

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New research finds positive outcomes in terms of enrollment and persistence in states that extend resident tuition rates to immigrants lacking legal status.

'I Could Be Illegal'

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DENVER -- At a hastily called news conference here Saturday afternoon, the president-elect of the American Educational Research Association was sporting an unusual name tag over her official badge. It said "I Could Be Illegal." Another scholar at the press conference wore a name tag that said "Being Brown Isn't a Crime."

Flare-Up Over Immigration

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A minor traffic violation by Jessica Colotl, a senior at Georgia's Kennesaw State University, is turning out to be anything but a minor incident. Colotl is from Mexico and doesn't have the legal authorization to live permanently in the United States. While Colotl is, by all reports, an excellent student, her situation (uncovered because of her traffic violation) has set off demands that the state do more to block the enrollment of students who are in the country illegally.


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