Anthropology / Archaeology

Husband and wife anthropologists study ancient Maya city

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For husband-and-wife anthropologists at the University of Central Florida, fieldwork is a family affair.

Anthropologists consider a new ethics code

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Anthropology association attempts to reshape its code without becoming an enforcement body.

Anthropologists debate role of science

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Anthropologists debate whether their discipline is divided into humanities and science tribes, and wonder why they can’t all get along.

If CIA Calls, Should Anthropology Answer?

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Scholarly association starts process to consider ethical rules associated with working with national security agencies.

A Forced Anthropology Merger

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9 years after much-discussed split of Stanford department in two, separate programs are ordered to combine.

A Shift in Direction at Howard

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The university's first truly sweeping academic review doubles down on graduate programs, but would gut more than two dozen departments.

Bill Ayers Again Excluded From Canada

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Academic who once was a leader of the Weather Underground is blocked from speaking at an academic conference.


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