Anthropology / Archaeology

Anthropology journal will convert to open access format

American Anthropological Association announces that one of its journals will be converted to open access.

Anthropologists approve new code of ethics

Disciplinary group adopts approach that stresses guidelines and resources over a lengthy list of specific rules.

Professors should help students see how thinking skills prepare them for jobs

Humanities and social science instructors should help undergraduates learn how to recognize and describe their higher order skills as they hit the job market, Casey Wiley writes.

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Husband and wife anthropologists study ancient Maya city

For husband-and-wife anthropologists at the University of Central Florida, fieldwork is a family affair.

Anthropologists consider a new ethics code

Anthropology association attempts to reshape its code without becoming an enforcement body.

Anthropologists debate role of science

Anthropologists debate whether their discipline is divided into humanities and science tribes, and wonder why they can’t all get along.

If CIA Calls, Should Anthropology Answer?

Scholarly association starts process to consider ethical rules associated with working with national security agencies.

A Forced Anthropology Merger

9 years after much-discussed split of Stanford department in two, separate programs are ordered to combine.


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