Tenure Decision

Article about a former professor's arrest on prostitution charges inspires a poem from Will Hochman. 

January 23, 2006

after Madam Professor

Please let me know you’re happier than
It's not hard. The big thing in my day
(picking up wind-broken branches)
has already been done by more wind,
the fierceness of bare limbs, and kids
crazy with glee to fill a red wheel
with their poetry while I gaze out the
seeing mostly a writing-crazed writing
stressed out about writing
before the school term even begins.

I should be more like that academic
Ph.D. genius of a Sociology professor,
the one who when charged as a prostitute
explained her intelligent instruction
and discourse with professional clients
(while providing companionship)
was what the money was for.
Anything else is a personal choice
between consenting colleagues,
be it college or marriage.


Will Hochman is an associate professor of English at Southern Connecticut State University. His new book of poems, Freer, will be published this spring by Pecan Grove Press.


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