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Harris Has Championed Loan Forgiveness, For-Profit Crackdowns and Free College

She could become the first HBCU graduate in the Oval Office—and would likely build on the Biden administration’s ambitious higher ed agenda.

Biden, an Education President

He stepped down from the Democratic ticket Sunday. What will happen to his ambitious plans to reshape higher education and fix the student loan system?

Biden’s SAVE Plan Blocked by Federal Court

An emergency stay issued Thursday prompted calls for the Education Department to pause student loan payments for borrowers. The agency says it is assessing its options following the ruling.

How a Second Trump Term Could Turn Up the Heat on Higher Ed

Higher ed wasn’t a top priority for Donald Trump when he first took office. But now that he and the GOP see attacking elite institutions and regulating colleges as winning political issues, a second term is likely to bring more aggressive policies.

Nearly 700 More Colleges Don’t Have to Comply With New Title IX Rule

A recent injunction barred the Education Department from enforcing its new Title IX rule at colleges attended by members of two conservative student groups. Hundreds of colleges across the country are affected.