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Welcome to the Leadership and StratEDgy Blog!

Renamed, refreshed, redirected, relaunched!

December 15, 2020

Welcome to the "Leadership and StratEDgy" blog! We (Dayna Catropa and Margaret Andrews) launched the "StratEDgy" blog back in 2012 and wrote fairly regularly until a few years ago, when we both had too much going on to write regularly … and then at all. We talked many times about relaunching the blog -- and just as many times life got in the way. Life is still quite busy -- even with the pandemic and working and teaching from home -- but we’ve missed working on the blog and bringing a lot of what we teach, care and wonder about to a wider audience.

The "StratEDgy" blog began as “a thoughtful hub for discussion on the forces impacting U.S. higher education” and was an outgrowth of a course we taught at Harvard called Strategy and Competition in Higher Education. We’ve since expanded our scope of teaching, and relaunching this blog will include more on leadership, innovation and strategy execution, among other topics. These changes are very much aligned with our teaching at Harvard, as well as what we think is important for those of us in higher education to think more deeply about. To signal these changes, renamed the blog for relaunch as "Leadership and StratEDgy."

Similar to when we first started blogging here on Inside Higher Ed, we continue to find the intersection of business and education irresistible -- and important. We hope that you’ll join us on our renewed and continued journey, and let us know what you’re thinking about.

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