A Step-By-Step Guide to Academic Portfolio Review

Conduct an academic portfolio review, identify goals, and develop an actionable plan.

Report | Benefits, Challenges, and Sample Use Cases of AI in Higher Education

Strategies for managing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in higher education settings.

Best Practices | Academic Integrity

Recent trends in maintaining academic integrity in higher educational institutions. 

Best Practices | Institutional Rightsizing

Explore research literature, trade publications and case studies highlighting best practices in university/college academic right-sizing in the face of shifting and declining student demand.

Best Practices | Diversifying and Generating Revenue

Read the results of a review of the literature concerning diversification and generation of alternative and novel revenue streams in higher education.

2023 Trends in Higher Education

Three years into the pandemic, colleges and universities continue to adapt while making strategic decisions that are reshaping higher education for the long term.

Benchmarking Analysis | Civic Engagement, Leadership, and Philanthropy Centers

In the following report, Hanover assesses trends among civic engagement, leadership, and philanthropy centers at 10 institutions in the nation.

Benchmarking Analysis | Best-In-Class Career Services

In the following report, Hanover Research presents the results of a benchmarking analysis of career services, specifically highlighting successful trends at larger public institutions.