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Thanks, But No Thanks

As state support dwindles for public colleges, more leaders are ready to sacrifice appropriations for greater autonomy.

ABA May Drop LSAT Requirement

Accreditation rules could change to allow law schools to decide for themselves whether applicants must report scores.

Strategic Displacement

Under “10 percent plan” in Texas, some switched high schools to get into top colleges. White students gained and minority students lost.

More Tuition Struggles Projected

While most public and private institutions expect revenue increases for 2011, this year is foreboding for a significant percentage of private colleges.

Using the Rankings

Colleges love to complain about U.S. News, but a new survey documents the ways many of them use the magazine's findings.

Information Unstacks the Deck

When choosing a college, many prospective students opt for the easiest or closest choice. Would giving them better information make for wiser decisions?

Poor Ratings for 'U.S. News' Rankings

In something of a turnabout, admissions professionals recently had the chance to rank U.S. News & World Report for its...

Context on Admissions Jumps

With some regularity, the mainstream press seems to love to scare would-be college students and parents with stories about how...