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Fooling the College Board

To demonstrate flaws of SAT writing test, MIT professor coached student on how to get a good score on a lousy essay -- and pulled it off.

Making Holistic Admissions Work

Oregon State model may avoid legal pitfalls -- while improving both diversity and retention.

New Challenge to Affirmative Action

Education Department investigates complaint of Asian student rejected by Princeton.

Affirmative Action for White C+ Guys

Towson University, facing a gender gap, starts admissions program for those with high SAT scores and lower grades.

The Early Admissions Loophole

Think recent announcements mean Harvard, Princeton and Virginia applicants will learn their fates together? One group will still apply, and find out, early.

Rankings Tail Wags the Dog

U.S. News endorses Carnegie Classifications -- so colleges worried about the magazine must appeal to the foundation to change listings.

Silver Spoon Admissions

Naming names (not to mention GPA's and SAT scores), new book takes on preferences for the rich and famous -- and alumni children.

The Earliest Early Admissions

Over 100 colleges and universities report admitting students before they even begin their senior year of high school.