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New York Will Require Students to Complete FAFSA or Opt Out

New York State will require public school districts to certify that every high school senior completes the Free Application for...
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Let’s Make Later Deposit Deadlines Permanent

Colleges are extending admission commitment deadlines due to FAFSA delays, but there’s no good reason they can’t do this every year, Chuck Knepfle writes.

A sign reading “Free Tuition” is situation on a pile of money in front of an ivy-clad wall.

Is Financial Aid the New Affirmative Action?

Many highly selective colleges are pumping up their financial aid offerings. With race-conscious admissions out of the picture, it may be their best bet for diversity.

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FAFSA Reprocessing Could Take Weeks

The Education Department has begun reprocessing some student aid forms affected by calculation errors, undersecretary of education James Kvaal said...
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In Return to Tests, Don’t Forgo Disability Equity

As colleges reinstate standardized testing requirements, they must consider students with learning disabilities, Dwight Richardson Kelly writes.

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After the FAFSA Quake, a Flood of Corrections

As delays to the FAFSA rollout piled up, so did an unusual number of errors, both on student forms and in the Education Department’s eligibility calculations.

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Harvard and Caltech Restore Test Requirements

The decisions, announced hours apart, came more than a year before their temporary policies were set to expire—and after a wave of similar decisions by their competitors.

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Roadmap of College Credit for Military Experience

University of North Carolina’s new tool translates military occupations and training to nearly 7,000 matches for college courses across its 16 universities.