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A stern-looking man with glasses and a beard

‘Another Unforced Error’ in the FAFSA Fiasco

The education department said calculation errors rendered hundreds of thousands of student aid forms unusable, setting time-strapped colleges back further.

High Schools Say They’re Falling Short on College Prep

Only 47 percent of public high schools say they’re doing a “very good” or “excellent” job preparing students for college...

How Perceptions of College Value Play Out on Social Media

A scan of 13,000 social media comments discussing the value of going to college shows that 93 percent of them...
A standardized test answer sheet, with some bubbles filled in, and a pencil and eraser placed on top.

Reinstating Tests Is a Step Back for Access

The reasons elite colleges give for reinstating their standardized test requirements don’t stand up to scrutiny, Audrey Fisch writes.

Mauro Guillén, Wharton professor, speaking

How a ‘Post-Generational Society’ Might Reshape Higher Ed: Key Podcast

Mauro Guillén discusses The Perennials and a world that blurs the boundaries between schooling and work across a (longer) lifetime.

An aerial view of the Yale University campus.

et tu Yale and Brown (and UT-Austin)?

Jim Jump reflects on moves by three more universities to reinstate standardized test requirements.

calendars ripping

Student Aid Forms Start Trickling In

After a two-month delay, the U.S. Education Department began sending FAFSA forms to colleges last week. College officials are eager to get to work, but slow pace and technical holdups threaten further delays.