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Common App Expands Direct Admissions

The Common Application is expanding its direct admissions efforts, this month partnering with 70 institutions in 28 states to offer...
Students speak on panel at VetLink summit

Veterans ‘Check the Boxes’ Colleges Now Seek

A growing number of colleges are actively recruiting military service members and veterans and expanding support services for them.

A group of five college-aged students holding flags from five different nations.

‘U.S. News’ Rankings Erase International Students

About a fifth of the metrics in the new U.S. News rankings exclude international students, Ryan Allen and Tomoko Takahashi write.

Traditional logo for U.S. News's medical school rankings is positioned next to a similar-looking logo that says "AI Rankings"

AI Med School Rankings Tool Offers Alternative to Traditional Metrics

A resident physician used machine learning to help medical school applicants weigh factors they most care about, such as student diversity and graduate debt.

Two colleges campuses separated by a jagged line

Merger Divergence

Two newly consolidated institutions in Pennsylvania saw opposite enrollment trends this fall, raising questions about the link between mergers and head count.

A map of the U.S. with money pouring out of the U.S. Capitol dome

Overhaul of Financial Aid Formula Will Boost Pell Grant Eligibility

A new report by the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association estimates nearly 220,000 more students will qualify under the pending new federal aid formula.

A group of orange silhouettes heads one direction while a group of gray silhouettes with backpacks heads under a marble archway

Growing Enrollment, Shrinking Future

Undergraduate enrollment rose for the first time since 2020, stoking hopes for a long-awaited recovery. But surprising areas of decline may dampen that optimism.

Inequity in High Standardized Test Scores

Students whose families were in the top socioeconomic quintile of Americans were seven times likelier than those from the bottom...