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Students with suitcases, pillows and boxes walk next to a columned building on a college campus.

Boosting Enrollment Against the Odds

The future is bleak for many small private colleges and regional public universities. But some have seen record growth in the past few years—so what’s their secret?

A graduation cap with the word "SCHOLARSHIP" written on it atop a spread of $100 bills.

Courting Wealthy Students

The failure of colleges to expand access for students of color can’t be blamed solely on the Supreme Court—rather, it’s a result of colleges’ own aid choices, Mike Nylund writes.

A young Black man making eye contact with an older white man against an orange background

College Admission Gets Personal

Between advancements in AI and the end of affirmative action, the traditional application process is more fraught than ever. Some colleges are trying a radical strategy: meeting students face-to-face.

The Week in Admissions News

Carleton College ends legacy admissions; the ED criticizes USC's handling of financial aid appeals; a new survey reveals the salaries, budgets and top worries of chief diversity officers.

Carleton College Eliminates Legacy Preferences

Carleton College eliminated its legacy admissions policy Thursday. In an email to students, faculty and alumni, college president Alison Byerly...
A crowd of students and visitors hold their hands up at Asbury University's chapel as someone preaches from a podium with a large blue cross.

An Enrollment Spike at Asbury University

A two-week prayer revival on campus attended by tens of thousands drew national attention to the university, but administrators say it isn’t the sole cause of the enrollment spike.


Stacking Credentials

Does it pay off for students from low-income backgrounds?

Catherine Lhamon holds a microphone while speaking in front of a blue Center for American Progress background.

Rights Chief Calls for ‘Coalition of the Willing’ on Campus Diversity

Catherine Lhamon said Tuesday that the Supreme Court decision on race-conscious admissions is an opportunity to reconsider how colleges recruit and retain diverse classes.