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Minority Applicants Surge Post–Affirmative Action

Applications to colleges rose by 9 percent over all this year—and 12 percent among underrepresented minority applicants—according to a new...
The word "FAFSA" is written in black marker on a page in an open notebook, which lies next to a stack of U.S. currency and the corner of a laptop keyboard.

FAFSA Fiasco

Admissions counselors should exercise empathy and flexibility this cycle, Jim Jump writes.

Most Americans Approve of Affirmative Action Ban

More than two-thirds of Americans believe the Supreme Court’s June 2023 decision banning the use of affirmative action in college...
Photos of Rice University, Emory University and Vanderbilt University.

More Universities Join Chicago in Settling Financial Aid Lawsuit

Rice, Emory and Vanderbilt quietly settled last fall in a financial aid lawsuit against 17 institutions. Now pressure is mounting for the remaining defendants in the case.

Two hands rip apart a copy of the SAT against an orange background

Fresh Battle Lines in the Testing Wars

The debate over standardized testing requirements, put on ice during the pandemic, is catching fire again as colleges reconsider their temporary test-optional policies.

Portrait of a young male student, sitting at his desk studying for school or following an online class on his digital tablet. He is taking notes in his notebook.

Report: Online Education Completion Lags Behind Face-to-Face Instruction

The University of Florida’s Institute of Higher Education found students who enroll in exclusively online degree programs were less likely to complete a degree than peers who enrolled in some face-to-face courses. But certain actions can help promote online learning success.

A magnifying glass inspects a college application over a silhouette of a man with a backpack and a map of the world

Gaming the Student Visa System

As international recruitment markets shift to South Asia, some colleges are swamped with fake applications and last-minute transfers. Is the system too easy to exploit?