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Four blocks of text from essay prompts, highlighted sporadically in light orange, on a darker orange background.

Re-Evaluating the ‘Essay Carveout’

After the Supreme Court barred affirmative action, many selective colleges added essay prompts focused on identity and diversity. Will they hold up under legal scrutiny?

Illinois Adopts ACT as Graduation Requirement

High school juniors in Illinois will be required to take the ACT to graduate starting next spring. The state has...
A closeup image of a printed FAFSA form

Current Students Left Behind in FAFSA Change Conversation

A new Student Voice survey by Inside Higher Ed and Generation Lab found one in five college students are unaware of the changes to the FAFSA form and the ensuing challenges.

Georgia Public Colleges Reinstate Test Requirements

A slate of public colleges and universities in Georgia will begin requiring standardized test scores on applications again after the...
Runners sprint toward a finish line that says “FAFSA finish” as dollar bills rain behind them

A Last-Minute Sprint to the FAFSA Finish Line

The U.S. Education Department is doling out $50 million to help students complete the troubled federal aid form. Access advocates say it’s not too late to make an impact—but time is of the essence.

A photo of the book cover for “Lifting the Veil on Enrollment Management” and its author

‘Pulling Back the Veil’ on Enrollment Management

Stephen Burd’s new book blames much of higher ed’s current woes on the multi-million dollar industry. He spoke with IHE about how admissions became a numbers game and why poor students are worse off for it.

A standardized test answer sheet, with some bubbles filled in, and a pencil and eraser placed on top.

It’s Not (Really) About Diversity

If diversity is the goal, reinstating standardized tests is not the way, Aaron M. Pallas and Alex Chin write.

A student sits at her kitchen table with bills and a calculator, laptop open in front of her

Success Program Launch: Demystifying Financial Aid With Personalized Outreach

Staff at Paul Smith’s College create individualized videos for each admitted student to break down their aid offering and what it means, decreasing barriers to access.