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The Week in Admissions News

Brown adopts need-blind admission for international students; undocumented families are locked out of FAFSA; Canada limits number of student visas. 

Undocumented Families Locked Out of New FAFSA

The new Free Application for Federal Student Aid form has been giving undocumented applicants and their families problems since its...

Brown Goes Need-Blind for International Students

Brown University will adopt a need-blind admissions policy for undergraduate international students, the university announced Thursday afternoon, after meeting a...
Four smiling students walk together in front of a campus building.

Enrollments Rise After Pandemic-Related Declines

Undergraduate enrollment is up again, according to new data. Community colleges focused on vocational training in particular made major gains last fall.

A photo illustration of college campuses against a backdrop of U.S. currency.

More Settlements in Financial Aid Antitrust Lawsuit

The latest agreements mean eight of 17 universities sued for colluding over financial aid have settled. The known settlement amounts add up to more than $151 million.

A No. 2 pencil with a well-worn eraser lies atop a standardized test form with multiple choice bubbles. The three bubbles in the foreground of the picture read “SAT.”

What Does ‘Test Optional’ Really Mean?

Should students submit scores? It’s hard for them to tell, a point of confusion that points to deeper problems, Ben Paris writes.

A man in a suit and tie flaked by four girls in red T-shirts

A (Very) Early Admission Guarantee

California State University, Fresno, is promising admission to local high schoolers as early as ninth grade, hoping to boost enrollment and build a “culture of college-going.”

Students on a Maine Community College System campus

More Access Means More Enrollment for Maine Community Colleges

A recent report shows a surge in enrollment across Maine Community College System campuses from 2022 to 2023 and credits the state’s Free College Scholarship program.