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Light-skinned woman with dark hair at a podium in front of U.S. flag

New York State Launches Direct Admission Plan

New York governor Kathy Hochul is championing an initiative to offer the top 10 percent of the state’s high school...
A small group of university students are seen sitting side by side at a desk in class as they work on an assignment. They each have books open in front of them as they collaborate and share ideas.

Colleges and Universities Invest in Transfer Student Success

To promote successful transfer between community colleges and four-year universities, institutional partnerships are addressing barriers and providing more streamlined methods.

A dictionary entry for the word "reparation," as refracted through a magnifying glass.

Admissions as Slavery Reparations

The end of race-based affirmative action should pave the way for positive admissions considerations— and full-tuition support for—descendants of enslaved Americans, James E. Murray Jr. writes.

A man pulls his empty pockets inside out, in front of a collage of college names

Is Class-Based Affirmative Action a Pipe Dream?

Since the Supreme Court struck down race-conscious admissions, a chorus of voices has called for an ambitious—but costly—economic alternative.

Dacoda Scarlett presents to a group of rural high school students

A Reboot for Rural Recruitment

Washington University in St. Louis is increasing outreach to rural high schools in Missouri and southern Illinois to help diversify the student body.

A black sign on a university campus that reads "Office of Admissions and Recruitment."

Turning the Tide on Admissions Staff Turnover

Solutions to improve staff morale can be found in areas beyond compensation, Elizabeth Kirby writes.

A laptop with an error message

The New FAFSA Is Here. Or Is It?

After a frustrating year of delays, the new federal aid application launched Dec. 30. But maintenance pauses, glitches and other obstacles have led to a rocky start.

Saint Mary’s Reverses Decision to Admit Trans Women

After several weeks of controversy , Saint Mary’s College, a Roman Catholic women’s institution in Indiana, has reversed its previous...