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The Week in Admissions News

UVA expands free tuition; lawmakers demand clarity on FAFSA; inflation rises 4 percent for colleges; medical schools enroll a more diverse class.

Two women wearing ADVANCE T-shirts sit at a table and smile at a laptop

Toward a Transfer Guarantee

Interest in guaranteed admission surged after the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban. But the main beneficiaries of the programs are often overlooked: transfer students.

UVA Expands Free Tuition for State Residents

The University of Virginia will waive all tuition and fees for Virginia state residents whose families make less than $100,000...
A nontraditional student works with an adviser

Effort to Re-Enroll California College Students Has Early Success

The California Reconnect program is re-enrolling adults who left college without earning degrees at higher rates than the national average for re-enrollment.

Lawmakers Ask for Clarity on FAFSA Launch

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators is calling on the Department of Education to offer “clear guidance and communication” to...
A drawing of a faceless figure atop a ladder adding the top block to a vertical stack of alphabetical blocks that spell out "LUCK."

Welcome to the Admissions ‘Luckocracy’

The degree to which the college admission process is a meritocracy may be in question—but it’s most certainly a luckocracy, Jim Jump writes.

Woman in a cap and gown holding a fan of dollar bills

‘Merit Scholarship’ or Enrollment Incentive?

Non-need-based merit aid has surged in the past decade, especially at struggling public institutions looking to boost enrollment. Some say it’s an unacknowledged equity issue.

Pennsylvania capitol building

Thaw in Pa.’s Budget Freeze Funds 4 State Universities

The funding came with new conditions requiring the institutions to make financial, employment and operations records publicly available.