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A ‘Lost Generation’ of High School Graduates

Significant numbers of the 2020 high school graduates who didn’t enroll in college immediately that year still have not found their way into higher education, a new report finds.

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Admissions Officers Reflect on a Transformative Year

In Inside Higher Ed’s annual survey, admissions leaders share their views on the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban and other major changes in the sector.

A Black student with books and a backpack stands in front of a four-panel illustration

Putting Admissions in Context

A new study finds that taking high school students’ level of resources into account when assessing applications can lead to diverse admits who are likely to succeed in college.

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Preference for Privilege

As new data make all the more clear, we should be ashamed of the ways in which elite college admissions privilege children of the wealthy, Jim Jump writes.

The Week in Admissions News

The University of Tennessee will guarantee admission to all eligible in-state students; the University of Central Arkansas launches a tuition assistance program; Colorado College welcomes transfer students from anti-DEI states.

Colorado College Welcomes Transfers From Anti-DEI States

Colorado College will welcome any college student seeking to transfer from an “anti-DEI state,” the college announced Thursday . The...

The Magic of Personalization in Higher Education Marketing

Using personalization efficiently and authentically to reach students.

U of Central Arkansas Launches Tuition Assistance Program

The University of Central Arkansas has launched a tuition-reduction initiative to ensure that all in-state freshmen whose families earn less...