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Those College PSAs May Help

Videos and other material making postsecondary education seem accessible appear to encourage college-going behaviors, study finds.

A White House Departure

Zakiya Smith, who helped guide higher ed policy for President Obama, leaves for a think tank. College officials will miss her.

Low Payoff

Report finds that state merit aid programs have only a small effect on whether graduates stay in-state after college.

Who's In Charge?

Obama has sketched an ambitious higher education agenda for his second term, but it's unclear who at the Education Department will be in charge of implementing it.

Other People’s Money

Policy change in Iowa reflects increased public skepticism about using tuition revenue for financial aid. Will such shifts end an unfair burden on middle-class students or abandon low-income students?

Fixing Student Aid, for Students

Young Invincibles offers a roadmap for reforming federal financial assistance -- putting recipients first.

Some College, No Degree, No Pell

Changes to grant eligibility are hitting transfer students, and returning dropouts, particularly hard.

Students' Debt Loads Increase Again

Annual report from the Institute for College Access and Success finds students borrow an average of $26,600.