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Tennessee Reconsiders Tilt to Merit Aid

Proposals would increase spending on need-based assistance and make it easier for low-income students to hold on to grants.

Harvard's Aid Bonanza

Harvard University on Monday unveiled a new approach to financial aid and a new definition of "middle income." The result...

The Cheaper Student Loan Program?

Lenders say federal budget numbers now show that the guaranteed loan program costs the government less than direct lending. Should that change the equation?

Bucking the Tide on Private Loans

Barnard effort suggests colleges may be able to dissuade students from risky, growing and controversial form of borrowing.

How Sectarian Is Too Sectarian?

Federal judge -- rejecting pleas from Colorado Christian U. and U.S. Justice Dept. -- upholds Colorado's limit on aid funds.

Presidents and the Student Loan Mess

College CEOs have long ignored the loan programs, says Robert Maurer. Even bigger problems are in the offing if they don’t pay attention now.

Davidson Eliminates All Loans

Just days after move by Hamilton, another liberal arts college challenges conventional wisdom on aid policy.

A Push for Need-Based Aid

Hamilton announces it will end all "merit" awards -- as other colleges shift in that direction.