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Deal to Delay Across-the-Board Cuts

Senate and Obama agree on plan that would avoid immediate reductions in spending on research and some aid programs. House vote is pending.

Stop Raiding the Treasury

Why should donations that finance luxurious buildings and half-million-dollar salaries at wealthy colleges be tax-deductible? Explain it to the students in Wick Sloane's 7 a.m. community college classes, he writes.

A Guaranteed Pell Grant?

A study suggests that guaranteeing a Pell Grant for low-income students as early as the eighth grade could increase college access and completion.

Limits of Performance-Based Grants

Grants tied to enrollment, persistence and grades bolstered full-time study but did little to increase credits earned by low-income students, study finds.

Living Cheap Enough?

With student debt surpassing $1 trillion, graduate school deans discuss the implications for graduate school admissions and retention and the importance of financial literacy.

Bankruptcy, Not Forgiveness, for Student Loans

The current headlong rush to make student debt forgivable does nothing to encourage prudent borrowing and discourage tuition increases, writes Jenna Ashley Robinson. Making some loans dischargeable in bankruptcy would send better signals.

New Programs: Brewing, Dental Medicine, Hospitality

Rockingham Community College is starting an associate in science program in brewing distillation and fermentation. Tufts University is starting a...

The Fund-Raising Cliff?

Colleges, fearing reductions in charitable giving, argue strongly against Republican proposals to limit deductions.