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A $10,000 Platform

Overlap in agendas for governors of Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas hints at a new Republican approach to higher education.

Keeping Adjuncts From Benefits

Youngstown State limits part-timers' hours to avoid requirements of new health care law.

Research Spending, Before the Cliff

University spending on R&D rose by 6.9 percent in 2011, driven mostly by funds from federal stimulus. With budget cuts in offing, figures may represent a peak.

New Programs: Entrepreneurship, Health Sciences, Exercise Science, Technical Communication, Political Science

Butler University is starting an undergraduate major and minor in entrepreneurship. Cayuga Community College is starting an associate of science...

No More Mr. Nice Guy

A Missouri community college goes after nearby for-profits with TV ads that name names and compare tuition rates. Will other community colleges follow suit?

Those College PSAs May Help

Videos and other material making postsecondary education seem accessible appear to encourage college-going behaviors, study finds.

Pricing Out the Humanities

History professors at the University of Florida fight back against idea that the state should use tuition to discourage enrollment in fields without immediate connection to jobs.

So Close Yet So Far

At one community college, the national health-care law would have assured adjuncts access to health insurance, but the institution is cutting their hours to avoid the requirement.