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A White House Departure

Zakiya Smith, who helped guide higher ed policy for President Obama, leaves for a think tank. College officials will miss her.

Making the Case

Colleges and organizations promoting liberal arts education, tired of being the anecdote for every article about the changing higher education landscape, are trying to find a way to get their message across.

New Programs: Theology, Environmental Studies, Computer Science, Criminal Justice

Howard Payne University is starting a master of arts in theology and divinity. Southern Wesleyan University is starting an undergraduate...

New Programs: Church Music, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Psychology, Statistics

Baylor University is starting a Ph.D. in church music. Hudson Valley Community College is starting an associate degree in entrepreneurship...

Low Payoff

Report finds that state merit aid programs have only a small effect on whether graduates stay in-state after college.

Calling In Web Support

At Educause, community college makes the case for student support services as a crucial factor in the battle to survive and thrive in era of online education.

On Hold

Mount Holyoke sticks with tuition freeze for a second consecutive year, reflecting growing concern about the price of college.

Who's In Charge?

Obama has sketched an ambitious higher education agenda for his second term, but it's unclear who at the Education Department will be in charge of implementing it.