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The 'You' in 'University Tour'

Lynn University retooled the campus visit for prospective students, trying to personalize the experience, a switch administrators say is paying off in higher enrollment.

Getting Them to Give

Administrators from historically black colleges and universities discuss ways to increase alumni giving participation.

Who's in Control?

New details emerge in accreditation crisis at City College of San Francisco, and a tussle brews between former for-profit foe Bob Shireman and faculty groups at California's community colleges.

New Programs: Agriculture Education, Business, Multidisciplinary Studies

Arkansas Tech University is starting a bachelor of science program in agriculture education. Bryant University is starting new M.B.A. specializations...

SUNY vs. Student Debt

A large university system begins statewide effort to help students manage debt and avoid defaults.

Private Parts

Kerfuffle over release of Kinsey Institute sexual research tool highlights the opportunities and hazards of app-based data collection.

The Budget Cuts to Come

If mandatory spending cuts go into effect Jan. 1, many federal higher education programs will lose about 8 percent of their funding.

Gates, MOOCs and Remediation

The Gates Foundation is ponying up to learn if MOOCs could work for remedial students, a departure from the current slate of MOOCs. Developmental education experts say the idea could work, but others remain skeptical.