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State Higher Ed Funding Rises Again. Can It Last?

State support for public higher education will increase this fiscal year, aided by the last burst of federal stimulus money. But some worry the boom times are coming to an end.

In Black Professor’s Firing, AAUP Finds ‘Racist Tropes’

Indiana University Northwest fired a Black professor after alleging he said something about killing white people. An AAUP report found “racist tropes of incompetent, angry and physically violent Black men in the language used to justify his dismissal.”

New Programs: Financial Technology, Cyberdefense and Analysis, Agriculture, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence

Augustana University, in South Dakota, is starting a major in financial technology. San Diego City College is starting a B.S...

Capital Campaign Watch: U of Florida, York

University of Florida raised $4.6 billion in a campaign that started in in 2014. The campaign’s original goal was $3...

An Unlikely Pairing

Hilbert College, a nonprofit Catholic institution in New York, is purchasing for-profit Valley College, which has four sites in Ohio and West Virginia. That makes for an unusual match.

Faculty Expresses Fears of Firing

West Virginia University proposed changes to its evaluation, promotion, tenure and termination policies. Hundreds of faculty members have now registered their opposition.

Fake College Prompts Scrutiny

The North Carolina attorney general is investigating a website made to look like it belongs to King’s College, an institution in Charlotte that closed its doors in 2018.

New Programs: Public Policy, Marketing, Athletic Training, Engineering, Medical Laboratory Technology, Asian Studies, Environmental Policy

Adler University is starting a master’s in public policy and administration. Graceland University is starting a B.A. in marketing. Gustavus...