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Woman in a cap and gown holding a fan of dollar bills

‘Merit Scholarship’ or Enrollment Incentive?

Non-need-based merit aid has surged in the past decade, especially at struggling public institutions looking to boost enrollment. Some say it’s an unacknowledged equity issue.

Moody’s: ‘Stable’ Outlook for Higher Education in 2024

Moody’s Investors Service has projected a “stable” outlook for higher education in 2024. The report , issued Thursday, projects that...
A photo of people walking on Bacone College's campus.

Struggling Bacone College Could Soon Lose Its Campus

The campus is headed to the auction block over unpaid bills. The small college, which serves many Native American students, may be forced to go online or close.

Charlie Baker, a light-skinned man with gray hair wearing a business suit, testifies before Congress

‘Revolutionary’ or ‘Reactionary’? NCAA Chief’s New Model for Big-Time Sports

Charlie Baker’s plan would let Division I colleges compensate players directly and give sports powers enormous latitude to set their own rules if they invest significantly in athletes.

Fitch: Pressures on Higher Ed to ‘Intensify’

The coming year will likely see college enrollment and financial challenges increase, according to Fitch Ratings’ outlook for higher education...

Golden Gate University Law School Ends J.D. Offerings

Golden Gate University will cease offering a juris doctor program, though its law school will not shut down altogether and...

‘Rebalancing’ Resources, Lindenwood to Cut 10 Sports Teams

Lindenwood University in Missouri will cut 10 sports teams as part of a larger effort to “rebalance” its staffing investments...
A photo of a College of Saint Rose commencement

Enrollment, Financial Challenges Prompt Saint Rose Closure

The Albany, N.Y., institution will close next year after ongoing enrollment issues. Leaders unsuccessfully sought a partnership to keep the embattled college open.