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DEI 2.0

How to create more pluralistic campus cultures.

A photograph of protesting students holding signs on the University of Alabama at Birmingham's campus.

As Alabama Republicans Target DEI, They Propose ‘Gag Order’ on Professors

Free speech groups and students have raised alarm about a bill that flew through the state’s Senate last week and awaits action in the House.

A stack of four wooden blocks with the words "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" against an orange background.

DEI and the Necessity of Self-Defense

For defenders of campus diversity, equity and inclusion programs, now is the time to fight back, Mathew H. Gendle writes.

Latina Bachelor’s Degree Attainment on the Rise

Latinas are earning bachelor’s and graduate degrees at higher rates than in the past, but they earn lower wages than...

Latinos Underrepresented at Selective Privates

Latino students have been continuously underrepresented at selective private colleges and universities, according to a new report by the Education...
Three stills from a video showing Jonathan Roth allegedly grabbing the hand of a student who tried to block his phone camera.

Professors Evacuated, Put on Leave in Hectic Pro-Palestine Protest

When the director of Jewish studies at one California State University campus visited another to speak on Israel and Palestine, things went awry.

A picture of the book cover next to a picture of the author.

The Joys of ‘Leading From the Margins’

Hollins University president Mary Hinton discusses her new book, about how her identity as a Black woman from the rural South shaped her approach to college leadership.

AAUP Sanctions New College of Fla., Spartanburg Comm. College

The American Association of University Professors’ Governing Council voted unanimously over the weekend to sanction New College of Florida and...