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HBCU Graduates Owe More Debt, Earn Less Than Peers

Students who attend historically Black colleges and universities earn $16,600 less on average than peers from non-HBCUs a decade after...
A green hand fanning a wad of bills to a group of grasping gray hands

Colleges Sing for Their FAFSA Supper

The Education Department is dispensing money and advisers to help “underresourced” colleges navigate the new FAFSA. But which institutions will be eligible?

New Report Challenges Conventional Wisdom on Economic Mobility

A new Urban Institute report indicates that job outcomes and economic mobility are more tied to the race and gender...
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus with headshots of Associate Professor Ronit Freeman and Professor Nadia Yaqub

Campus Vote on Antisemitism Resolution Is Microcosm of National Debate

Someone called Oct. 7 “a beautiful day” at a University of North Carolina event. The Faculty Council then “indefinitely postponed” a resolution that would have condemned the statement.

Woman in prison reads a book

Advocates Promote Equitable Prison Education Programs Post–Pell Restoration

Using feedback from incarcerated students is one way to work toward making prison education programs more racially inclusive, according to a new report from the Vera Institute of Justice.

Three students with heavy green packs walk past the facade of the U.S. Military Academy

Supreme Court Passes on West Point Affirmative Action Case

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene in the latest affirmative action legal battle, this time centered on the United...
The cover of HBCU Made: A Celebration of the Black College Experience which features the title in large, white letters on a colorful background.

Editor Discusses New Book, ‘HBCU Made’

The new book features a range of HBCU alumni describing the enduring effects of their college experiences.

Quote from President Burwell overlaid on photo of students protesting

American University Bans Indoor Protests

Administrators say the new policy was a necessary response to antisemitism, but many faculty members, students and free speech advocates fear it will chill free speech on campus.