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UC Berkeley Investigates Pro-Palestinian Dinner Protest Fracas

The University of California, Berkeley, is investigating whether a law professor harassed a Muslim student when the student interrupted a...

MIT Will Stop Asking Faculty Applicants for Diversity Statements

Massachusetts Institute of Technology departments will no longer ask for diversity statements as part of applications for faculty positions, the...
A stack of four wooden blocks with the words “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” against an orange background.

The Reeducation of DEI

DEI in the university should be reimagined as education, not training, Patrick J. Casey writes.

Pro-Palestinian Student Removed During Georgia State University Commencement

A video clip of a student wearing a keffiyeh and being escorted out of Georgia State University’s graduate commencement by...

Tenure and Promotion Barriers Persist for Women, Faculty of Color

The number of women and people of color on the tenure track has increased over the past seven years, but...
A person holds a sign with words Stand with Gaza on it

What the ‘Antisemitism Awareness’ Bill Could Mean for Higher Ed

The House voted Wednesday to codify a broad definition of antisemitism into federal law. Supporters say it’s necessary to protect Jewish students. Critics worry that it could chill free speech on campus.

A photograph of an officer in riot gear arresting a protester in the pro-Palestinian campus encampment at the University of California, Los Angeles..

Will Academic Freedom and Campus Free Speech Survive?

Faculty and free expression groups are sounding alarms about threatened limitations and crackdowns on professors’ speech and student protests.

An Israeli flag waves in the foreground in a photo of Columbia University’s campus.

No Country for Israeli Academics

Atar David writes that he no longer sees a place for himself, or other Israeli scholars, in U.S. academe.