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New Voice for Asian Students

The "model minority" myth notwithstanding, many Asian students need help succeeding in college. A new association wants to make sure they get it.

The Wrong Message

The authors of Academically Adrift may be letting black students off the hook, to the students' own detriment, writes Roy L. Beasley.

Low-Hanging Fruit?

Looking for savings, Tennessee State eliminates "low-producing" majors, including physics and Africana studies. Critics ask why a black college would cut such offerings.

Elaborating on Online Accessibility

U.S. Education Department expands on edict to colleges about not shutting out disabled students with technology.

NCAA Academic Metric Hits HBCUs

Association's penalties for athletes' poor classroom performance particularly affect college sports' "have-nots" — especially black institutions.

Merger Debates Waste Time

State leaders who want to improve historically black colleges need to focus on students and budget fairness, not governance changes, writes James T. Minor.

Please Tell

Stanton L. Jones argues that Christian colleges that bar gay sex can still be supportive of gay students.

On the List

Colleges serving Asian-American students are now eligible for more federal grant programs.