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You're Nobody 'til You're Snubbed

What started as one professor’s spat with an esteemed medical journal has transformed into something of a branding opportunity for...

'The Evolution of American Women's Studies'

Women's studies programs, now common, were rare on campuses just a few generations ago. The evolution of the discipline, and...

Farewell to the Printed Monograph

U. of Michigan Press plans dramatic move in scholarly publishing, shifting to a digital model -- with hopes of being able to increase production of important, non-commercial research.

'The Cattell Controversy'

In 1997, the American Psychological Association announced that it would give a "life achievement" award to Raymond Cattell, to honor...

The 'Black Box' of Peer Review

Countless decisions in academe are based on the quest for excellence. Which professors to hire and promote. Which grants to...

'Mission and Money' in Higher Ed

Even before the economic collapse, colleges have been going through intense debates about how they should be financed and what...

'College Drinking: Reframing a Social Problem'

Every semester of every academic year, college campuses experience tragedies (and many more near-tragedies) involving excessive use of alcohol. A...

Writing the Book on Clickers

Author of Teaching With Classroom Response Systems discusses the way a popular technology is changing instruction.