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Fixing Humanities Grad Programs

Michael Bérubé tells graduate school deans that the issues are complicated and interconnected.

Casualty of the Math Wars

Stanford professor goes public on attacks she has received over her work on mathematics education, and raises the question of the difference between "responsible disagreement and academic bullying."

New Breed of Law Degree

Yale will begin a Ph.D. program in fall 2013 to train aspiring law professors.

When Can Faculty Show Porn?

An Appalachian State professor is accused of engaging in "inappropriate speech" after airing an explicit documentary critical of the porn industry without first warning students. Her story raises questions about when and how instructors can present explicit materials.

Completion and Quality at CUNY

Faculty groups at CUNY sue to fight general education requirements, saying graduation rate obsession will lead to weaker academic rigor.

Spare the Change

Administrators say Columbia College Chicago's restructuring plan will let it become more nimble. But students and instructors worry applying a business approach to cuts could erode a unique arts and culture orientation.

Longhorns Who Take Too Long

U. of Texas committee unveils plan to graduate 70 percent of next year's freshmen in four years -- up from 50 percent today.

Teaching Teachers

University of Michigan program aims to set national standards for rookie educators.