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Pandemic Boost for Digital Course Materials

Instructors’ awareness and use of open educational resources and their recognition of the efficacy of digital texts rose sharply this year, an annual survey finds.

Let’s Talk About Race and Academic Integrity

Race has been missing from conversations around academic integrity even though the issue is racialized through and through, Antar A. Tichavakunda writes.

The ‘Difficult’ Name Penalty

Study finds having hard-to-pronounce names—from the perspective of native English speakers—results in poorer job placements for economics Ph.D.s.

Teaching Students Resilience in the Classroom

We often talk about teaching students resilience, but actually making that happen isn’t easy, writes Brian LaDuca, who offers recommendations for helping students apply those skills in their lives.

Tenure Awarded at… Salem State, Southeast Missouri State, Western Michigan

Salem State University Kevin Carey, English Fernando Colina, marketing and decision sciences Luke Conlin, chemistry and physics Gina Curcio, criminal...

‘Misconceiving Merit’

Authors discuss their new book on the way science discriminates against those who are not white or Asian heterosexual men.

Gun Violence Research: Surveying the Landscape

Research on guns and gun violence is seriously underdeveloped relative to the public health problem that guns represent. But things are changing.

New Programs: Addiction Psychology, Elementary Education, Legal Studies, Film Studies

Arizona State University is starting an online M.S. in addiction psychology. Clarke University has started an accelerated elementary education degree...