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Disputes and Debates

Faculty members and students rallied around a professor at California State U, Los Angeles, after police physically removed her from a mayoral debate on campus. More such confrontations are expected on campuses in the current political climate.

Monitoring Free Speech on Oklahoma’s Campuses

A new law will task state regents with overseeing free speech polices and censorship complaints at Oklahoma’s public universities. Opponents say it’s unneeded and unfairly maligns state institutions.

No New Job for Sabatini

After a week of protests over news that New York University was weighing a faculty job for scholar who resigned from MIT over sexual misconduct findings, NYU and Dr. David Sabatini part ways.

Turnover, Burnout and Demoralization in Higher Ed

A researcher explores academe’s version of the “big quit”—what’s distinctive about it and why campus leaders need to take it seriously.

Creating Supportive Classrooms for Refugee Students

Now more than ever, higher education institutions need to provide a place of safety and belonging for students from Ukraine and other parts of the world in crisis, writes Rima Gulshan.

Third-Way Civics

Trygve Throntveit and Peter Levine discuss a new, adaptable model for undergraduate civic education.

Digital Teaching and Learning

"Digital Teaching and Learning" is a new compilation of articles and essays from the pages of Inside Higher Ed. This...

Discomfort Is Still Legal

Journalists and scholars regularly mischaracterize legislation against critical race theory, wrongly implying that discomfort-creating lessons are illegal, Peter Minowitz writes.