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A photo illustration combining a photo of Bruce Gilley, the cover of his book The Case for Colonialism, and a photo of the New College of Florida campus.

New College of Florida Hires Professor Who Champions Colonialism

The institution’s president has appointed Bruce Gilley—who’s argued that a “European moral revolution” ended Africa’s “endemic slave empires” and said the transgender flag symbolizes mutilating children—to teach.

Hopkins Medicine’s DEI Chief Resigns After Backlash to Comments on Privilege

The vice president and chief diversity officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine stepped down from her position Tuesday after a conservative...

Report: Most University IT Employees Are Burned Out

IT employees at universities are experiencing burnout, increased workload and dipping budgets, according to a new report. Educause, a nonprofit...

Bridging Disciplinary Divides

Is a more integrative, cross-disciplinary, theoretically informed understanding of change over time possible?

Teacher takes time to walk and talk with teen

Faculty, Staff Members Serve as Key Mental Health Resources for Students

A survey of Iowa community college employees found stakeholders want to support students’ mental health, but many feel underprepared to do so. University of Iowa researchers identified six solutions to help.

A clipboard holding an applicant's résumé sits on a desk above a job application. From left to right, a blue folder bearing tabs that say "interview tips," a cup of coffee and a keyboard are also visible on the desk.

Careers Across the Curriculum

As academic departments increasingly are held accountable for students’ job outcomes, institutions need to provide more support, Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur writes.

dartmouth basketball players posing with union rep

Dartmouth Men’s Basketball Players Vote to Unionize

Vote could contribute to undermining of amateur model in college athletics.

A photo illustration combining photos of Jed Atkins, Chapel Hill's campus and a budget memo that shows his name on it.

New Leader of UNC School Played Role in Creating It

The Duke scholar hired to lead Chapel Hill’s School of Civic Life and Leadership helped write a proposal for it, North Carolina’s provost says.