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A dictionary entry for the word "wisdom." Though the full definition is not visible, words that are visible include "knowledge" and "experience."

‘Wisdom Skills’ Are Hard to Teach—AI Can Help

AI-assisted educational games can expand experiential learning opportunities at scale, Tim Dasey writes.

A aerial shot of UC Santa Cruz's campus next to a headshot image of Jody Greene

Listen: Improving Student Success in the Classroom

Jody Greene, associate campus provost for academic success at the University of California, Santa Cruz, discusses the faculty’s responsibility to engage in student success work.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus with headshots of Associate Professor Ronit Freeman and Professor Nadia Yaqub

Campus Vote on Antisemitism Resolution Is Microcosm of National Debate

Someone called Oct. 7 “a beautiful day” at a University of North Carolina event. The Faculty Council then “indefinitely postponed” a resolution that would have condemned the statement.

The word "expertise" in white against a blue background. Visible items in the background include a pair of glasses, a calculator, a pen and charts/graphs.

Legitimating Expertise

Rebuilding public trust in expertise starts with us, says Julia M. Wright.

A lone professor in a crowded lecture hall

Free Community College Boosts Enrollment, Strains Massachusetts System

The enrollment surge is a welcome development for the Massachusetts community college system, but it has also created staffing shortages and stretched capacity.

The letters "AI" in white against a blue background.

First Do No Harm

Jamie Paris asks if international students are being racially profiled when it comes to AI-related academic misconduct.

Doxing Truck Targets Boulder Faculty Members

Accuracy in Media, the group behind what it calls infamous mobile billboards and what others call doxing trucks, has now...
A photograph of someone holding a small clock.

Tenure Extensions Were Popular Amid the Pandemic. That May Not Be Good.

Colleges gave tenure candidates more time due to COVID-19. Women, who may be more likely to fall behind due to extensions, reported more disruption to their research than men.