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New Programs: Environmental Justice, IT Management, Art Therapy, Educational Leadership, Occupational Therapy, Organizational Leadership

Adelphi University is starting a postgraduate certificate in environmental justice for social workers. Belhaven University is starting a master of...

Is Lecturing Racist?

For colleges to achieve antiracism, equity and inclusion, one of the most effective actions will be for professors to stop talking so much in their classrooms, argue Scott Freeman and Elli Theobald.

Beyond Compliance

Mallory Smith, Laura Pineault, Marcus Dickson and Krystal Tosch give advice on why and how to make online teaching accessible, even during a pandemic.

Welcoming Activities That Work

Professors, think again before having students simply make rules on the first day of class, and instead create ways to truly engage them, Andrew Joseph Pegoda urges.

Community College Shuts Off Remote Work

Most classes are still remote at Hagerstown Community College, but staff and faculty have had VPN access revoked and must now return to campus to work.

Tenure Awarded at… Frostburg State, NYIT, U of Texas at San Antonio

Frostburg State University Jacqueline Durst, kinesiology and recreation Dong Wook Huh, management Kenneth Levitt, management Janet Mattern, educational professions New...

‘Equity in Science’

Author discusses new book on how disciplines promote -- and don't promote -- equity.

Gag Order or Privacy Concern?

When it comes to their students testing positive for COVID-19, professors say they have a right to know and share the information how they deem appropriate. Colleges want to keep those cases close to the vest.