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The Souls of Black Professors

Scholars discuss what it’s like to be a Black professor in 2020, who should be doing antiracist work on campus and why diversity interventions that attempt to “fix” Black academics for a rigged game miss the point entirely.

The Need to Combat a False Growth Mind-Set

Misperceptions among college instructors about the concept may actually be harming some students in their moments of greatest need, warns Omid Fotuhi.

Funny How That Works

Eugenia Villa-Cuesta, a biology professor, explains how improv training rescued her in the classroom.

Teaching Lessons From Remote Improv

Byron Stewart describes how he uses shortcuts to help build classroom community and help students who are strangers become a close-knit team.

Women Are Falling Behind

Large-scale study backs up other research showing relative declines in women's research productivity during COVID-19.


Authors discuss their new book on "the remarkable, unremarkable document that changes everything."

New Programs: Hospitality, Nursing, Design Engineering, Global Education, Data Science, Education

Caucasus University, in Tbilisi, Georgia, and the University of Central Florida will offer a joint master’s program in hospitality and...

Seeking Fair Pay

Five female professors sue Rutgers, saying the university hasn't delivered on its new salary equity adjustment program despite demonstrated disparities.