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Newly Tenured ... at Chattanooga State CC, Mercer, U of Idaho

Chattanooga State Community College Rebecca Balch, engineering and information technologies Tanya Henson Brooks, social and behavioral sciences Jeremy Burchfield, business...

Grading in a Pandemic (Still)

Colleges adopted an array of flexible assessment policies because of COVID-19 last spring. Many are reverting to their normal practices this fall -- though the term will be anything but.

Suggestions for Teaching about Race

Andrew Joseph Pegoda gives advice for how to be mindful when initiating or engaging in conversations about it in class this fall.

Not Expendable

New AAUP statement urges institutions to treat their adjuncts as essential team members during the pandemic -- and after.

Socially Distant Yet Intellectually Close

While some students criticize the quality of online learning in the age of COVID, those in one class describe a highly positive experience -- and how it allowed them to reimagine pedagogy.

'Babar in the Room'

Faculty parents are once again being asked to perform a miracle: Get their students and their own kids through the semester in one piece. Does it have to be this way?

A Milestone for Palestinian Studies

Brown establishes what it says is the first endowed professorship in Palestinian studies at a U.S. research institution.

New Programs: Information Technology, Creative Writing, Emerging Media, Addiction and Recovery Services, Design, Divinity, Occupational Therapy, Nursing

Alderson Broaddus University is starting an executive master of science in information technology administration. Alma College is starting its first...